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Kevin Hartwell

My passion for helping and healing took root in 2008 in the ancient cedar rainforest of the BC mid-coast where I received guidance from nature to pursue the healing arts and community health.


Shamanically speaking, “walking the gentle path” led to Reiki initiation through Master Brad Hercina of the Sha Wapiti medicine circle.  Since 2007, Brad has been a prominent presence, friend, elder and guide in awakening the inner teacher and lightness of heart.


In 2010, I began training in Lao Tzu's Water Tradition of Qigong and Meditation through Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis (  I've since been watering the teachings and seeds of transmission from Bruce through qigong classes and practice.


Experiencing cultivation here in the rainforest of Ucluelet especially has reminded me that the source of this ancient wisdom is indeed rooted in such wild nature.  


Gentle Path Arts is a Yin approach to restoring peace and enhancing awareness, and embodiment of overall balance. 


Both locally in Ucluelet and remotely, I offer Way of Tea Ceremony, Water Tradition Qigong and Energy Healing. Over the years, I've found these arts have all influenced and enhanced one another.  As a result, the energy I cultivate in qigong flows into my Tea and Energy Healing sessions as it informs how I approach and work within the form of each modality.


All of these arts aid in the dropping out of your mind and into your body leading you to cultivate the ability to feel progressively more, let go (let in) and to experience overall energetic and physical integration. 


Whether with Tea, Qigong or Energy Healing, the invitation is to viscerally feel with a relaxed awareness the downward dissolving current of energy.  This involves a softening of layers of tension leads to a strengthening of your nervous system and immune system.  


Naturally you’ll open to the opportunity to contact the uncontracted space that lies at the core of your Being.


Serving rare & wild Chinese Tea, I offer the facilitation of the meeting between you & the gentle, yet energetically potent, plant medicine called Tea.   


This plant friend is a simple support to presence and purification that can open us to the awareness of the profound.  


The Tea I work with has been grown, picked, processed and stored with love, and I pour Tea with a heart overflowing with gratitude.  


It would be my honour if you feel called to come and experience this heart, your heart and the pulse of nature we find ourselves in together with one of my offerings and precious Pu’er Tea.


Photo by Marty Mellway

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