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Tea Ceremony

Serving rare & wild Chinese Tea – a gentle yet potent plant medicine in support of  presence and holding space for stilling minds, and opening and connecting hearts. 

“Cha Dao” in Chinese or “Way of Tea" is the ceremony of life honoring nature at the center of all things.  The pulse of yin & yang, an empty & full cup, the profound & simple ritual of Tea.  


A facilitation between the meeting of Tea & you takes place each moment; to listen is to say yes to the invitation.  The energy & subtle essence of Tea will speak to your insides silently and receive the emanations of her healing waves of wisdom - restoring balance through Being.  


When we sit with Tea, we sit with ourselves, eachother, to the moment, as is.  It is a bearing of our beating hearts meeting & matching that which is behind & beyond our eyes.  


From the silly to the sublime we have arrived, here, now, grounded into being human - here, now, open to the realization of our true nature.


The original, primordial progenitor of Camellia Sinensis is what I like to call “The world's gentlest entheogenic”.  “Pu’er” Tea from wild old trees growing for centuries or more rooted remarkably deep into the jungle floor of Yunnan, China have been revered by the hill tribes there for millennia. 


Picked, processed and stored with skill & love; the Tea I'm speaking of really is “a different animal” than the vast majority of the Tea available in the market here in the west or in China for that matter.  


I consider Tea a sacred plant medicine and as a result the Tea Ceremonies I offer are heart-minded geared towards what I feel will open us to the awareness of the sacred most naturally - presence.


Tea is a support to this endeavor if there ever was one.  An invitation to come into quiet - feeling and being with what's there.  Even if that includes periods uproarious laughter, tears or anything in between.  The point comes back to the center of it all - presence. 


The life force energy of Tea, it's Qi, I feel is the biggest gift Tea offers to the world.  The vibratory frequency of wild and/or great quality aged Tea has powerful purifying effects on our physical body.  Tea also aids in grounding energy & stilling the mind while enhancing our sensitivity & awareness.  Going inward with Tea, contractions in our energy system are revealed and quite often relieved, setting the stage for a deep dive into the awareness of the far reaches of our inner landscape.


Tea humbles me in a new way and evermore every day.  It's an honor to serve in this way and I'd be honored to share some of this magic we call life and Tea together some time if you feel called. 


Photo credit: Adrian Tornei

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